For more information about the purchasing options, see the Purchasing FAQ link, and make sure to download a trial version.  Once you’ve purchased, you will be sent via email a registration code to enter into your software to unlock the trial and allow unlimited use.  

Annual Licences  

Annual Licences are 12 month subscriptions which are managed through Chargify.  You will also receive a link to manage your credit card details with BillingPortal which is a service managed by Chargify.  Annual Licences automatically renew every 12 months, and when not renewed BaseElements can still view imported solutions, but not import new ones.  If you need an invoice on renewal instead of a direct debit, contact us after your first purchase and we will adjust your renewal to be on remittance instead of direct debit.

Perpetual Licences  

A perpetual licence is for a single major version of BaseElements, it can be used indefinitely much like a FileMaker Perpetual Licence.  Moving to a new major release from a perpetual licence is a paid upgrade.  If you need a VAT Invoice for tax purposes, AND you’re purchasing a perpetual or perpetual upgrade, please contact us before purchasing to request an invoice that can be paid online.  Otherwise you will only be sent a receipt for the amount paid.

Purchase BaseElements


Single User

A single user licence, but can run on FileMaker Server.  Additional Users $99 on Annual Licensing.

Multi User

Unlimited users accessing from a Single FileMaker Server, plus up to 5 local BaseElements users.

Company Licence

Multiple FileMaker Servers and unlimited local BaseElements users at a single company.

All versions of BaseElements will run on FileMaker Server. A Single User Licence of BaseElements is limited to one user at a time.  A Multi User Licence of BaseElements allows unlimited users accessing BaseElements from a Single FileMaker Server as well as up to 5 users using BaseElements locally.  A Company Licences allows multiple Servers hosting BaseElements and unlimited local users at the one company.  

Upgrades from old perpetual licences to current version

Requires a previous copy of BaseElements Single User.
Requires a previous copy of BaseElements Single Server.
Requires a previous copy of BaseElements Site Licence.
If you’d like to cross grade a licence from one option to another, or upgrade and change licence at the same time, please contact us for details and pricing.

Other Options


Not-For-Profit / Education Pricing

We offer discounts for Not For Profit or Education organisations. Please contact us for details.

Competitive Upgrade pricing for BaseElements

If you already have a copy of a competitor’s product and wish to update to BaseElements, we offer discounts. Please contact us with details of the previous purchase, and we will send you a discount coupon.

Refund Policy

All of our Developer Products are available on an unlocked completely un-restricted 30 day trial. We suggest that everyone take advantage of that before purchasing. Because of the nature of that policy, and the fact that you receive an electronic product that cannot be returned, we do not by default offer a refund if you decide the product does not meet your requirements.

However, mistakes in the ordering or other processes do happen, and we’re always willing to help out when the are legitimate issues. If you believe you are due a refund, please contact us and we’ll listen.

Terms and Conditions

Available here, and privacy policy here.