Since we started using BaseElements we have wondered how we ever got by without such a powerful tool. It saves us an enormous amount of time. We would highly recommend BaseElements to any FileMaker developer. It is extremely well designed and easy to use.
David O'Donnell

Softouch Technologies

The task of doing a significant overhaul to clean up my own years of inconsistencies and sloppy work has always seemed far too daunting, until I learned about Base Elements. With the help of your program, I’ve been able to accomplish something in two weeks that I’ve been afraid to try for over 5 years. My solution is a critical component to running my business, and the cleanup I’ve just accomplished is going to make future development and evolution vastly easier.
Charles Zimmer

Satellite Office Services

I took delivery of Base Elements last week. I have already saved hours tracking down errors and potential problems! Highly recommended, and well done guys!
Tommy Andersen

Page one Consultants

I have now whittled down 533 errors and 5 warnings to a total of 1, in this inherited solution. Simply would not be plausible, whilst retaining sanity, without BE. Excellent product.
Chris Brown

Cortical Data

BE does what no other FMP analysis tool does… it works like FileMaker.
Adam Aronson

FullCity Consulting, Inc

BaseElements is invaluable! Couldn’t live without it. Your plug-in is great too.
Ben Goldstein

Steve Wilmes Consulting, Inc.

This is a fantastic product which we would highly recommend to all.
Katy Butterworth The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland

The product is simply amazing.
John Buckingham

microGuidance Ltd

BaseElements is terrific!
Lynn Gustafson

I don’t know what I would do without BaseElements. Your interface is elegant and comprehensive. BaseElements is the most valuable tool in my FileMaker toolbox. Thank you for creating such a valuable product.
Evan Kentop

Super Lawyers

After several hours of playing with BE, it continues to impress. The #1 thing for me for this kind of program is finding related references to an element. I think BE has the best interface for this in comparison with all similar progams.
Gordon Shewach

Desktop Services

You have a truly amazing product – the best FileMaker analysis tool I have ever tried. Thanks for providing something so helpful.
Mark Anderson


Your product is top-notch; thank you for putting it out there.
Elizabeth Bogan Thurber

Unity Database Design

I just bought your software, it’s amazing how useful it is. I had such a clean to do in a large database in the last few days, I would not even think about it without your software.
Pierre Lapointe

Info sur Mesure Inc.

BaseElements is an awesome tool, I wouldn’t want to develop without it! Thanks for a great product, and great support.
Daniel Smith

I continue to be blown away by your product and the information it develops and summarizes so completely.
William Patterson

Buckingham Consultants