BaseElements FEATURES

Errors, Unreferenced and Warnings

Complete error checking and simple discovery via text highlighting and smart tabs. A comprehensive Unreferenced system that even understands Indirection. And an early warning system to locate common pitfalls before they become problems.

Complete Cross Reference

Every Field, every layout, every variable = everything in your FileMaker Solution is cross referenced and linked and it’s quick and easy to see exactly where everything is used, and what all the dependencies are.

Simple Consistent User Interface

Using a clean layout structure and efficient use of space, everything in BaseElements is easy to access and simple to find. We highlight active or inactive tabs so you’re not hunting and pecking for related information. You can link directly from any one item to another other with a single click.

Smart Find

A single checkbox to allow searching within a single Analysis, or off to allow searching across multiple versions over time. By using a Custom Privilege model we’ve made this transparent and fast.

Constantly updated for the latest versions of FileMaker Pro

We’re always on top of new releases of FileMaker Pro and quite often have an update out the same day as new versions of FileMaker are made available. BaseElements will import any DDR from versions all the way back to 7.

Super Fast Imports

We’ve built our own custom plugin that we use to take advantage of the fact that FileMaker imports CSV files faster than any other file type. That, coupled with years of iteration and improvement to our XSLT means we import faster than any other solution available.

Sharing enabled for all users

Your BaseElements files can be made available on FileMaker Server for sharing amongst multiple users with ease.

fmSearchResults Integration

Built in use of the excellent fmSearchResults to allow you to search for specific text across your entire solution, and link directly to the results. Plus we highlight your find criteria within calculations and scripts to make locating the results quick and easy.

Copying your old solution data out of BaseElements into FileMaker

You can copy Custom Functions, Scripts, Script Steps, Tables and Fields directly from any solution you have in BaseElements and paste back into your open FileMaker solution. BaseElements can become your storage point for a whole library of functions to reuse within your other files.

Powerful Keyboard Options

Using the option key you can open any link in a new window, so you can retain your current found set and open a new one. Using the shift key you can do a Go To Related using the current found set, so you can from a list of fields to all of the layouts those fields are on, or go from a list of scripts to all of the fields used in those scripts. And you can put up new windows, or perform normal FileMaker finds at any time. Your ability to locate data within BaseElements is unlimited.

And More. BaseElements also :


  • understands Table Occurrence Groups so it will know when you’re using a field outside the current context.
  • provides access to minimum required versions for all calculations and script steps.
  • will highlight steps that are Web, Server, or FMGo compatible or not.
  • hides information that isn’t relevant to the current item to reduce data overload when looking for details.
  • has matching print layouts for every list view.
  • has notes so you can record details about an item or use tags to highlight things you need to followup.
  • understands indirection so will know if you’re using GetField or Evaluate.
  • has a simple Back and Forward button set so you can retrace your steps quickly and easily.
  • can be automated, so you can script imports at will.
  • can be linked to your other FileMaker Project Management tools.
  • is completely translatable, with many languages already available.

and is constantly being updated and improved.